It’s Snowed……

It is snowed yesterday like it was mid-February.  Unfreaking believable weather.  I am a hurting unit with my fractured hand and leg……I see the surgeon today at 3:30pm.  It is a new doc3tor, one I haven’t seen before who supossedly can take care of my hand and leg.

I am going to try to write a part of my paper today.  It is very difficult to type or write using my left hand that is splinted and will get casted today.  I have no idea what to make out of my leg… really hurts and I pray the cat scan wasn’t wrong, as I would have required surgery on Friday, the day of the fall.  Camie is taking me to my appointment which is so nice and convenient.  Stephanie will probably meet me there, go to my appointment, and then come home with me.  Hopefully she is doing alright, I am excited to see her as I missed her very much last night.

I pray that I don’t have to take a medical leave for the rest of the semester….I have and do really enjoy all my classes and I have a  4.0 GPA in all my classes as well. It will really stink if I have to withdraw….I will have to figure out what to do about my course schedule for Summer semester….I can take my programming class and oral communications in the summer if need be, and as I think of it I should register for Summer classes this week.  These injuries make three years in a row with falls, and broken bones…such a kick in the stomach after having made it through the winter.  I really am surprised I fell in 70 degree weather, wearing my slides.  Not the first time however, I have tripped in those slides.  This couldn’t come at a worse time, as my course schedule is mostly writing papers besides my programming course.  I have four papers and presentations to give before the end of the semester, and I don’t see how I can type out all those papers with one hand and arm in a cast.

Camie was nice enough to bring me food last night, knowing I was alone.  I had chicken cooking in the crockpot, but it wasn’t going to be ready until close to 8 pm.  She brought Tuscan bean soup, and veggie lasagna.  I had a couple bites of the lasagna last night; it was delicious! My chicken in the crockpot came out really well.  I have to get it all in the refrigerator this morning but first I need to figure out my exact topic, research some sociological terms I came across in my reading, and try to get a good quote or something for the opening of my paper.  I also have twenty days until my informative speech and paper are due…..I really don’t see how I can do the work and should probably start working on my letter for a medical leave for the rest of the semester.  So bummed, but need to be realistic and respectful of my professors….I feel like at this point I would start leading them on without the ability to finish my coursework.

So that is where I am this Tuesday morning.  I am a bit down but in writing this I realize there is no way I can write four papers with a splinted and casted hand, and that doesn’t take into account the impending surgeries I may be facing.  I am going to write my letter for medical leave, and arrange to get my doctors’ notes all in order to submit to the dean of academic affairs.  I will have to figure out a game plan for the summer.  Perhaps I will take a bunch of accelerated classes so I can get in what I need to start this fall in Cambridge. On top of everything, I know when I have a MRI of my knee they are definitely going to want to do surgery whether the bones are fractured or not…..might be the time for the custom knee replacement I have been putting off for years.  Really stinks for sure and I just have to let it sting for a moment.

Have a wonderful day!



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