Friday with Bella….

This morning Bella and Stephanie are going to make cookies while I sit with my leg propped up and refrain from anymore of those insane pain pills….crazy mother-%%^! Honestly I have been referred to by my social security number since I went away to prep school at Phillip’s Exeter…..think I could recite it yesterday after taking my first pain pill?  Not a chance-the worst part about it is I went on my various sites and blogged, was on Facebook wishing people a good rest of their Friday before the weekend….it goes on….I did ask quite nicely, “Why Stephanie did you leave me alone for a any amount of time yesterday with communication devices….I imagine some of the conversations I had, the things I said yes to, the things I agreed to….everyone will hopefully understand the power of the PILL and cut me some slack and share a good laugh.   Back later with pictures from my daughter, Bella, the phenom.



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