Keeping Up With Social Media

Now that I am laid up and trying not to distract Stephanie, who wants desperately to be distracted i went on my Twitter account, remenber that? I havent been on for over a month and my last couple of times on have been to specifically tweet to Penthouse and Playboy. It would be an almost full day to keep up with all my accounts and now blogs and a vpn so I can electronically journal. Worst part is my blog that caused such a tiny minicule meow is now my personal blog acting as my private journal is not easy to utilize on the phone. Stephanie has access to it because I truly trust her with my life.

Pretty soon she will be done cleaning up after dinner and we are going to watch the new redbox High Low. Its about betting against the housing market before it went bust. I rented it a week ago last Wednesday but with my fall literally everything went temporarily to hell in a handbasket before life changed my pity party stopped and an unsavorory person was banished from my life. Got to go to Redbox tomorrow and make sure I am at Bella’s play tomorrow afternoon.

Back to social media…I have a really soft spot for my Twitter account but I need to keep reading at the pace I am at. I looked at the New Yorker and a couple second tier publications for me and i am going for it. Not going to be that difficult and if I can get Professor Hawkins to edit it, i will really have a great shot. Want to show MIT i am doing something other then holding more of my own on Twitter.

Well more tomorrow. Please pray that I sleep. Stephanie is back and so ready to get cozy for the evening! I love seeing her so happy and allowing myself to be happy is like finding myself all over again. Will have to write my sociopath piece tomorrow. Its not even funny how close to my life it came or is still lurking out there.








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