Early Sunday Morning….

It is officially Sunday, not by much.  It is 2:37 am, the maniac’s hour and I finally did get some much needed sleep.  I did not sleep enough, but I am so grateful to the Holy Trinity that I got relief from the unbearable days without a wink of sleep.  I don’t know if I am doing myself a disservice by not taking more pain medication….it is so powerful and I am not okay to do a thing, so I haven’t been hardly taking it, and I am in a lot of pain.  The medication takes me to a different Universe and the old me would have liked that, but I know I miss out on Stephanie and Bella when I need to take it.  I am going to write this meme, and then go lay back down and get into my new book so I can properly blog about the mind of a sociopath.  I really don’t need to read a book on it, I just narrowly escaped the wrath of evil games one plays.

Getting even just four hours rest, is the relief I needed, it’s enough to ensure that I can and will go to Bella’s play this afternoon.  It also gives me the confidence that I can sleep again, which is such a huge part of the battle.  We didn’t end up watching the Redbox movie last night. We got into bed, started talking, and I felt like I could fall asleep for the first time in days.  I told Stephanie, who has been keeping almost as crazy hours as me, and we shut everything off be1sides Bella’s phone, and we cuddled up and I think I fell fast asleep.  I popped up at a bit after 12:30 am without even a chance of falling back to sleep.  I am looking forward to going back to bed, and reading and reading.  I will not put  on a light,  but use my special book light, as I don’t want Stephanie to awaken.  She is beat and such a trooper.  I keep watching her go and do without hardly enough rest, and all I can think about is she will be the best mom!  I hope we make it to church today.  I must laugh, because I have been a constant on the prayer list at church with the anorexia, and now with the fall, I just bought many more months on it.  I really have to be careful with my weight. I have no appetite whatsoever and even this morning when I am usually hungry I wasn’t interested at all.  I am drinking a lot of power aide to stay hydrated, and I know from previous injuries that my body consumes a massive amount of  calories when it is healing.  I need to take this up with my doctor next week.

I have been thinking how much I am going to miss my classes, and especially my professors and classmates.  I have been giving some thought to still doing something for the heck of it for my oral communications presentation due on the 25th. If I knew where I would be with my surgery, I might try to come in and do it as my classmates and professor were really excited about my topic.  Since I don’t know, I have thought of making a video presentation, with embedded YOUTUBE video and a power point slide deck. Bella is awesome with the Apple video editor, she is truly a master of it, so she could film it and teach me how to edit.  I think I will do it, yes I am definitely going to do it, and submit it to my professor over the weekend before the 25th, when I was due to present.  I know it would be greatly appreciated, and this professor is truly a gifted educator and with the glimpses I get through conversation, Facebook, and his blog he is a honestly brilliant human being. So that puts some pressure on, never used Apple or created a pre-recorded presentation.  I think its a great idea to keep busy, stay involved with the class, and learn and do something totally new.  On Tuesday evening Bella’s movie picked for the film festival will be shown at 6 pm at DMS.  Stephanie and I will surely be there to support the phenom.

I am needing to go to my private blog, but my book is pulling me as well as knowing Stephanie is still there in the bed.  I have started using Good Reads, and I love it!  Completely motivational and a great way to track your reading, get into a community, write book reviews, and get great ideas of books to add to my reading list.  I initially set a goal of two hundred books but I am going to blow that out the water with this time off from school.  Going to get lost in the mind of a sociopath….Every Fifteen Seconds has started out really strong as an interesting read.






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