Rowing in the Struggle Boat…

Just woke up after falling asleep for under two hours…worse than not falling asleep.  I am still so tired and in so much pain but HAVE to go out into the cold to go to sweet Bella’s play at 2pm.  I am half dressed, need to get all cleaned up, packed, and we need to leave at 12:45 pm to go wait in line for an hour.  Being a parent is not easy, today is not a good day at all for me to be getting up and heading out to a performance….but it isn’t about me it’s about that little girl Bella Britton counting on her mommy to be there in the audience.  There are no do overs, so if I miss it that’s it and it will never be forgotten and Bella’s feelings will be hurt whether she puts on her brave new face or not.

Stephanie is actually getting anxious as I still have to get fully changed, wash up, pack my bag, and get all my gear on to go out into this windy day.  She just came in from starting her car, she is so sweet and kind and patient….did I mention patient?  She wants to tell me to please get off the computer so we can leave in 16 minutes…not very much time to do all I need ro do to get out of here.  I will stop here and pick up at the auditorium while we wait for the show to start.  Feeling really crappy, can’t take any pain pills, but I love my daughter to death honestly. As hard as this is I would be heartbroken if I didn’t go….Stephanie makes ir all the better and is such an amazing friend to me.



At the school for the play. All thanks toStephanie.  I am one hurting unit but this will make Bella very happy and with going into the hospital and then into ortho rehab I am going to be laid up for some time. But the outcome will be a bionic knee and leg that will alllow me to keep road racing with and without Bella and get back into the obstacle course circuits. I am less worried about school and didnt get anything official but got really assuring emails from faculty at MIT regarding my starting in the fall. Wednesday is my surgery appointment in Boston and then Stephanie and I are meeting with a real estate broker to secure a place for August.





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