The Cake is Now….

Most of you know that I suffered a major fall a week ago this past Friday and have to taka a medical leave from school and drop three courses all with solid 4.0 GPAs.  With impending major surgery and recovery from a broken hand and leg; the leg which needs to be completely reconstructed, I have promised myse1lf to do something extraordinary with this time.  I am writing a piece of prose I hope to get published on my battle with anorexia which lead to these awful injuries with the fall.  It will be entitled, The Cake is Now.

I will be writing on my personal blog to fetter out the prose but wanted to first motivate myself by putting the title I just came up with out here for anyone to see.  Thank you sweet Stephanie for your love, friendship, and encouragement. Today you told me I could make it to Bella’s play and I did, I didn’t fail her this time.  While I was at the play, a wonderful professor of mine and his wife dropped off meals for me.  The shear kindness of people I have1 know less than 16 weeks boggles my mind and stirs my soul.  There is another on the opposite end who lied to both Ste1phanie and myse1lf about coming up to help.  She is the real loser, a loser of the greatest proportions.  The Cake is Now` is my title and the meaning of it will never apply to this sick individual.  I will write despite her, as she laughed at me one day and told me I was not a writer.  Perhaps not with her, sshe was the least inspirational person I have ever known and perhaps my writing while she was in my life was not inspired. Today is a new day, and inspiration is all around me, seeping into my soul, making my fingers eager to dance across the keyboard.  ThanK u for not believing in me, not respecting me, and lying to me about everything.  You have made my life since I banished you so much richer and full and mostly real.

I am tired after a day at the play.  I have my title which for me is the hardest part.  Stephanie and I are going to eat some of the beautiful food prepared for us, and ease into the evening.  Thank you Professor Bargdill and your wife for being such kind compassionate people.  I have received so many random acts of kindness since these injuries.  I am so grateful to everyone who has cared enough just to call and check in.  I don’t say it nearly enough but Thank you, you all make my life so much better and richer.  Lastly to Stephanie, these days have been a complete dream come true and I look forward to the time we still have together before you return to your practice.  I will meet you in a moment, ready to talk or just be-you are my rock and my everything along with my Bella.  I cant wait to spend another simple yet so deeply meaningful night with you….I feel so blessed and so unworthy of your friendship and your love.



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