Till Tuesday…

Well the doctors appointments officially start up today.  I have my first appointment at 10:30 this morning, followed by my big appointment with the surgeon for my leg, at 8:00 am tomorrow morning.  It is cloudy and drizzling here, pretty much befits my overall mood at the moment.  I know once I have the information I need from the surgeon tomorrow I will be in a much better place to wrap my mind around all this differently and hopefully more gracefully.

I am just off my game and for like the ultimate game player and competitor in me this is not the best of circumstances.  I am trying to make the most out of it, but this second week has proven quite difficult.  Thankfully I have Stephanie and always my phenom, Bella. I would be lost and without much hope, but instead there is a ray of hope that I can catch my mind before it heads into free fall.  Just need the operation to happen, although things will undoubtedly get worse before they start getting better.  I am anxious to see what the timeline looks like for surgery and recovery.  Will summer semester be an option, or will I have to be okay with taking just an online programming class?  I really pray I can return to school and campus for the summer.  After tomorrow’s appointment, I need to take back the last bit of paperwork for my medical leave and class withdrawals.

I hope after today’s appointment I can come home and crank out some writing on my piece, The Cake is Now.  I am going to try to capture my mindset from the onset before the illness began, illustrating the seeds of bliss that were planted before I got to being really ill.  I am also going to work on my web page with all the new programming I learned in my last class.  The cascading sheets is really amazing and not difficult at all.  Not sure I would even call it programming, its something of a hybrid.

Off in this dreadful weather to the doctor and the pharmacy.  Hoping the rain stops, and the cloudy skies outside and residing within me pass quickly.




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