On Using Bathrooms….

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to get into Facebook with a new twist. I adore beautiful women of all sorts, and I had come across a few beautiful transgendered women who I really liked.  I set out to create an account that I started from scratch comprised of all beautiful transgendered women and just a handful of other friends.  I have been  so privileged to become part of this amazing community and have been completely accepted by almost two thousand friends, all of whom are beautiful, brave, and so damn courageous. It was a learning curve at first for both me, as an ally, and for my beautiful friends a stretch to let an outsider in.

I have watched with heartache and pride so many of these beautiful women lose their spouses, their children, their jobs, you name it.  Most of them are in danger in many places when they are out at night.  transgender bathroom

So without equality, and basic rights, out of the twisted state of North Carolina comes bathroom-gate.  Honestly, what will the haters think of next? I am honestly scared to find out. And as if North Carolina wasn’t enough then came Indiana, and the list just keeps growing.  I pray the Supreme Court steps in and makes things right. Until then, screw the bathrooms and I will just pee in the woods.  Enough of this crap.





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