Reality Sets In….The Routine Continues

This was not the  weekend to have both a broken leg and hand. The weather has started to warm up, the sky has been bright with sunshine, and I am laid up indefinitely.  No, I don’t feel sorry for myself, as an eternal optimist after a couple days of being a bit leveled by the injuries and impending surgeries, I decided to take this time into overdrive. I have been getting up on the earlier side of the maniac’s hour (sometime between 12:30-2:00 am) and starting my morning routine.  I am talking about the routine I utilize when I am going full tilt with school.

I wake up, hit the bathroom, quickly through on a jacket over my night clothes, put on a ski cap, grab the leash and my dog, and head out to the nearby 24-hour store. There I make my usual coffee concoction and talk to the same clerk behind the counter.  We don’t say much, but we appreciate one another. I am happy they are there to accommodate me and my carnal coffee need, and they are happy to see me or anyone at that hour come into the store and break up the dead silence of a store without customers.

I come home, quickly take off the outside gear, go into my study turn on my desk light, and before I forget, I run literally into my bedroom to grab my sacred bottle of prescription Adderall.  It would not be the maniac’s hour, without my majikal pink pill, that I quickly swig down with my fresh coffee concoction.  As soon as the Adderall and coffee hit my stomach and immediately travel to my brain, I am freaking blissed out; guaranteed to keep me powering in overdrive, feeling capable of just about any academic or intellectual feat.

I have never tried illicit drugs. Who needs to when you have a white coat dispensing them without nary a concern?  I live for those hours I am entranced by the Adderall/coffee combination, and the actual scholarly feats I am capable of pulling off during this epoch time, as they  are mythical seriously in their magnitude.  Not only is it the shear steroidal mental and cognitive capacity, it is the mood enhancing effect that puts me right out into the cosmos.

Anyway, once I am juiced up, and yes, I realize how freaking fortunate I am to have rare shear mania which affords me such a luxurious elixir, I began each morning with writing.  When I am in classes, it is the only time during the day where I will write new material, as ideas, vivid descriptions, beginnings, hooks, and sobering endings all flow freely through my brain to the key board. I once had this assignment where I had to observe a familiar fruit or vegetable and then using all my senses describe it.  The main objective was to get two pages of writing out of this exercise…..I set at my laptop observing and writing and three hours later I looked up with almost eight pages of writing, and still enough juice to write a blog post, while I jotted down an amalgamation of ideas…ideas for writing, ideas for doing, ideas on just about anything. My infamous ‘”to-do” lists that are created during this blissed-out time in the early morning hours are legendary.

So now being on medical leave is no different, except it’s made me more manic, and determined then prior to the injury.  I am working on a big piece of writing, I can barely think about anything else.  I am either writing, or delving further into the Internet to read copious amounts of information, clicking on one link that brings me to another and before I know it Microsoft Edge has 50 open tabs.

I am so grateful for my mind that is my mighty master…even with broken bones I am carrying on; getting into the groove, and life after all isn’t quite so bad.



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