My Life is Being Eaten By My Apps..

I remember when I was young, and my mom would get out her pad of paper and pen, sit down at the kitchen table and write out her grocery list for the week.  Computers, were just getting going and there were no such things as “apps.”  My mom was also a third grade public school teacher, who had to literally write out in detail her lessons plans for weeks at a time.  On top of that, being a teacher she had to maintain a manual grade book and also a manual attendance  book.  I remember many a Sunday night, with my mom at the dining room table, with her lesson plan book opened, as she also tried to squeeze in balancing one of several of my parent’s checkbooks.  Then there was of course the actually paying of the bills; hand-writing checks, stuffing them in their requisite envelopes, stamping them, and oh never forgetting to write the information down in the paper ledger.

Today, I am thirty-nine years old, and as I sit and think about it, not all that deeply, my life is becoming over-ridden by every sort of app imaginable.  And naturally, everyone including myself thinks that by utilizing apps I am better organized; I don’t miss meetings or appointments, I get all my to-do things done promptly, and with a couple of clicks here my bills are paid, and oh let me just go to my mint app and balance my checkbooks and manage my monthly budgets, and let me finish with my reading updates, and lastly  my fitness workout for the day.  These apps are about showing  what you are doing, how much you are doing, and what you plan on doing next.

We all have routines, well at least most of us do.  I am trying to opt out of the routine parade as much as possible. However, I am still chained to certain apps I haven’t figured out how to live without. For instance, how many people do you know who don’t have a to-do list, or use the task app on their email software?  We are obsessed with lists.  We make a list, of another list of things we need to do by the day, the week, the month, sometimes even right done to the hour.  How did people manage before Wunderlist was created? Its so great because  we  sit for 20 minutes, typing and prioritizing all the things we should be doing instead of creating the bloody list.  There’s a catch, a hook if you will; we are all sucked into checking things off our lists.  I put things on my list I have already accomplished just to see it in all its glory listed and checked off….I know a lot of you can relate; I see you all with your apps, I meet you in app land sometimes, where we now have friends and communities involved in our book reading and fitness regimens for instance.

Take the app Good Reads, which I stumbled across, because now not only do we have apps and then social media, we now link the two, so you know exactly what a badass, kickass, productive person I really am.  I bought into this Good Reads app, but is it really worth all the time to type in all the books I will read, want to read, have read, and lest you forget what I am actually reading now and exactly what page am I on…bet you didn’t think I could read fifty pages?  Well since I linked my Good Reads app to my Facebook account, it’s right there for you to see… have no choice but to applaud me in my record book reading. Lastly, Good Reads wants you to know something else I think; it has me post my critically acclaimed book reviews for you to see and be persuaded to jump into the game. Instead of flexing your muscles, show us your big lists.

I am already glazing over, and I fear one of fifty alarms will soon sound from my app land, because I did not plan on writing this post right now.  I can easily explain it you see, in my rush to blog, I forgot to do my Wunderlist, which is my guide through the maze of my so-called life.  So before chaos starts with notifications blazing from both my phone and my laptop, can we just have a moment and get out the whole fitness app craze. My apologies to all of you,  who due to my Fit Bit, or my Nike Fitness app,  watch in real time as I go out on my daily run….I know you are encouraged to cheer me on and send me messages, but it’s okay really.  I am just so damn happy my run was out on the internet for all of you to see; so you know EVERYTHING I do during the course of the day.  Remember when we thought people just posting pictures of their dinners was bad?  We had no idea how good we had it…..



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