I Am In Computer Hell

This afternoon I have wanted to do nothing besides get a blog I started last night, edited and insert my picture. Then it was set to be published. Simple and fast no big deal whatsoever. That was @2:30 its now going on 7 pm and I fear blood clots might be settling in or even worse flat assed syndrome…..

I have come to a vitriolic place with my laptop….it holds me hostage to do one of two things: run system recovery- I would rather have my  nails pulled out one by one or go to the store and purchase another. Not a half bad idea except for all my stuff is on this machine.  Its almost two years since I bought it, appears to me to be time to replace it. I cant stand the thought of waiting for hours for this brainless machine to spin in circles.  Right now I have no fear of an AI invasion or anything quite close. I am not a novice or a rookie I have my back up hard drive in go. It has something i know to do when I fucked around with installing Chrome on my Windows 10 OS.

I can not even get to my settings to run a freaking recovery. I have done this before If you asked me which device I would rather keep, it would be my IPhone and Android too….over this apple piece of junk. I was so much  happier with my 36 inch touch screen Sony but needed a kick around laptop for school.

I swear it is stuck in an infinity loop so I opted right out of that. If anyone knows how to work with Windows 10 I would greatly appreciate it even if your advice is switch to Linux I am currently staring at like three different distros. I would  gladly comply. I don’t want or ask for much just a browser that supports a few basic sites I want to use.

So I am finally back to system recovery and it says so sweetly this wont take long!  I hope to get my original blog post out sometime soon.  I am headed down the pain pill route in case you were wondering. Yes Doctor this hurts much worse than my surgery.





2 thoughts on “I Am In Computer Hell

  1. Oh, how I so understand your pain, and I don’t mean to make light, but this post made me so much smile. I have a computer just like that; I have stripped it, put games on it, and gave it to my son. I fear the day my big house desktop that has my entire life on it decides to take that big RAM sleep and find a graveyard.


    • Oh Professor Bardgill I have been in such pain…..computers are the worse thing that can go wrong in my wireless universe. I loathe computer recovery as much as Windows 10. Sleep well I am going to bed with my Linux mags and distros that my dad sent to me……Corey

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