Late in the Day Report Back on Helping The Homeless

So I mentioned that I went to bed, bogged down with homeless friend, Eugene.  How could we be not so different, but I sleep in a cozy bed, in home I am proud to call mine, and share it with my loved ones, and Eugene, my friend, who has everything upstairs, no mental or addiction problems, lives on the streets, and rest his head….God I don’t even know where!  Does Eugene know what it feels like to have your own bed, that you get ready at night, and slip into the covers, girl and dog by your side?  Eugene must have had plenty of his own beds in his lifetime?  He has a daughter, that he talks to, so he couldn’t have been a half bad father.  It makes me sad for obvious reasons, but it makes me scared as well.  Could I or you or anyone I know, go from where I am sitting, to a life on the streets where nothing is for sure?

Today I was really bogged down, by life and its sometimes harshness.  I had Stephanie give me a ride to the shelter I knew: Cross Roads.  It is actually a multi-site as it does have a safe place for domestic abuse victims and their children.  They were real standoffish, and I will write a letter to inform the director, that all I wanted to, was find ways to help.  Well it is not that easy, if your able-bodied and have some cash to donate for supplies.  You would think they would jump all over me, instead of look at me to see if I might be out on a three-hour pass.  I know the three-hour pass look, and no when I have been in, there was no getting out for even a minute.  My only reason for going in-patient has always been for the same damn reason: no sleep for too long, makes Corey sick.  No not voices or hallucinations, although if it would help me with my cause, I would surely write yes on my daily inventory.

So this place, called Cross Roads handed me a pre-printed sheet of paper.  Listing all the supplies they can use, and that was all they had to say.  I am sure I didn’t need to leave the comfort of my study, to get this ole mighty list, that is posted right in front of my face.  So discouraging, as I finally learn I know relatively nothing, about this big problem: homelessness.

So tomorrow I am going to do some research on the state and the local level.  I want to know the basics of this awful epidemic I have shamelessly ignored right in front of my face.  Do I appear that out of place, because I do give a damn and want to find ways to make a difference?  I just need an 800-number to help me figure out the honest situation, and what I can do, and what we all could do if we decided to give a damn. I know there are lots of problems-but now I have a friend, who doesn’t have a home, or bed…..and it is making feel like shit.  Eugene is fine I spoke to him quickly-boy he loves that piece of crap of a phone.  Just a little respect, and common dignity, go along way in helping the human race.

I am calling it a day. Tomorrow’s writing is dedicated to the topic of homelessness.  Tonight I start a brand new blog, not personal more op-ed…about things that probably  don’t matter, but should be said so with a Corey spin I will post them on my new blog: Corey’s Dysorder @

I wish I had so much more to say, tomorrow I take things in my own hand.  I Corey Britton will make a difference, and it’s my first night at Friendly Kitchen!




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