You know we spend too much times in our lives giving a fuck.  It is not that there aren’t situations that warrant caring about something, like what your boss or professor thinks of your work.  But is it giving a fuck, I don’t think so really. I don’t worry myself with what my professors think of me.  I know what I bring to the class to a point, and if they are unhappy usually it isn’t about me its about them.

We think we are so freaking important to the entire Universe.  Professors and employers, most likely don’t think of us as soon as we are out of the door for the day.  Stop worrying about what other people think.  You are the person you must answer to every minute of the day.  What if your teacher is a slim ball, do you care if they love you or like you?  This is a hard one to get. I am a board certified people pleaser, and I look what it has amounted to over the years…..a heap of nothing, or not very much.  Sometimes we get lucky with people and do make a connection or even a lasting friendship, but I promise you now this is not a popularity contest.  The real people who make it, do not take the path as everyone else has, they walk to their own beat, have their own style, know how to get along, but don’t mind standing alone.

Giving a fuck about everything there is to worry about, is exhausting and really do you think many people outside your friends and family give a hoot about your clothes or shoes? Buy what you like, and I don’t say be inappropriate, there is decorum to be followed most times.  But loosen up that decorum, just enough to breath, it will make all the difference in the world.

Take your home as a prime example. Perhaps your not a neat freak, don’t stress, people who are coming to your house, are more interested in seeing your place and your furnishings, not whether you made your bed, or did the dishes.  Be reasonable here, three days of dirty dishes makes you a slob. So care enough, don’t sweat the small stuff.  It is okay if you didn’t make your bed this morning.  Again, who gives a flying fuck.

Blogging is another example of not caring too much for what other people feel… is important to write interesting pieces, but you needn’t worry if you boldly declare, that you will lose your entire following….they been following so that might annoy them, and be careful if you step out on the ledge, to reel it in next time, try to go softer, but when it comes to brass tacks make your ideas and feelings know without a doubt.  You might not be people’s favorite blogger, but keep writing decent stuff and they will return.  Who gives a fuck about blogging  stats…..they are usually so off it isn’t funny. If you have a bad day, take a look at what you’ve written, make notes and correct the next day.  I don’t know how to get people to be comfortable in their skin with their own voices.

People do give a fuck if you’re “yes” person, or have no personality of your own.  That will kill you more than sticking out.  Have thoughts, think, what do you honestly believe, these are all important in the big world of FUCK.



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