The Beginning of U-ME

Hannah and Darnell 6-25-16.pngI am currently divorced and about to embark on a relationship with my best friend of two years. Her name is Stephanie and she is the perfect spouse for me. We have been acting less than adult-like and not dealing with our real feelings for one another.

That was until about three months ago. We had a talk. Not the talk but a talk. Admissions of more than just friendship were shared by both of us. I have been sick battling anorexia for two years. She has honestly saved my life. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her. For the past year and a half we have spent all our free time and almost every night including overnights. She has been my constant and steady rock as well as my best friend and more.

We are now openly talking about our adult feelings…progress at 39 and 37 years old. This is not the first time for me with marriage. I married my perfect girl at 24, she was the most beautiful on the inside and out with a brain, and she was my best friend. We were married for 10 tens some of the most happiest times in my entire life. We did not fight ever. I was a poor spouse, never been in a committed long-term relationship before, and never learned the rules of reciprocity, or exactly what marriage entails. I tried to be a good spouse, I tried to be a great spouse, but I shamelessly feel short of the goal. I was 100 percent committed to my marriage and we even brought my daughter into this world. I have been through so much therapy to fix myself, re-build myself, make myself worthy. I can’t fail at marriage again. I won’t make it. The whole thing was too devastating.

Now I am again with an achingly beautiful and brilliant girl, who is my best friend and has watched flop around trying to get my feet back under myself. One the 20th of June we went to the beach for Summer Solstice and when it got dark I grabbed her hand. I held , I liked it, it felt so right. I had wanted to just hold her hand for such a long while; but I was frightened I would wreck everything.

We decided to take the plunge from platonic to romantic which won’t be difficult for either one of us- it is so true. We have planned a get-away weekend this weekend to cross over the platonic line. From there we just want to be, what we have wanted to be for so long it seems. We fully intend to enjoy Our Summer of Endless Love and then we will make a plan to get engaged. That’s right we are going from being friends to marriage rather soon. We know we have stood the test of time and sadly even near death illness. We are perfect for each other, we have the most brilliant conversations at like 3 am in the morning. We like to be together, it works really well for us. The best part is we share the same values and morals on relationships and marriage.

I write this because it is the start of a new blog called, U-ME. It is going to be a love story blog.  What gets posted will depend on what we are going through. She is a dentist and has agreed to me capturing our love in mid-air. So tomorrow Thursday, we leave for Fire Island. We have exquisite dinner reservations for Saturday night. I believe although we are completely spontaneous we will wait to Saturday night to begin a journey that intertwines our bodies and souls. We are both over the moon excited I can’t wait for her to get home tonight so that we can pack. We as leaving as the best friends and I will let you know as soon as I know what exactly we are returning as… silly and ridiculous we had to share our story.





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