Maniacal Musings 7/18/16 part 2 THE UPDATE

I went to the surgeon today with my parents taking me and I didn’t get good news at all. I left the house at 9:30 for an 11:00 am appointment that ran so late I didn’t see the doctor until 12:30pm.

I was in so much pain my blood pressure was 188/117! I found out from my doctor that was quite upsetting. The pain killer dose I had been given at the hospital was only one fourth of the dose I should have been given. I have been in excruciating pain since I fell on Thursday. When they gave the pain medication in the hospital I told them that it didn’t work. They came back and gave me another pill but that one too barely took the edge off.

Thankfully before get into the depressing stuff I will say they finally took care of pain today. I was also given enough pills to last two weeks. It was confirmed I broke my femur in two places and dislocated my knee cap. I will have surgery on the fractures to be fixed with plates and screws. My knee is a mess again and requires another MRI! I am so disappointed about my knee I really wanted it to be okay and just deal with the fractures. Nope that is not the way it is going for me. My chances of running realistically are slim to none in all honesty. My doctor didn’t even need to tell me, I could see from the images on the screen it was more than a mess again. He already did everything he could do! Now there is very little left. I am just waiting for my Stephanie to get home. I missed her  really badly and wish I had gotten to go with her-I learned my lesson for sure. My parents were great but nothing compares to Stephanie and our synergy.

I am just waiting for her to walk in through the door so I can give her a big Corey hug! I missed her so much today! Mondays are always an adjustment after we just spent the entire weekend together! She is definitely taking tomorrow off as she feels we need a day after last night to just get our bearings right.

I am currently working on two anorexia posts, the next one in my series and a current one as some things are cropping up that I think are important to share with you while they are happening. It is such an arduous process to fully recover I hope to get there in time but I still have a ways to go. My family doesn’t think I am doing very well-they don’t think I really eat enough but it is not my deal to go out for every meal.

Tonight Stephanie and I are having painkillers for me with a little ice cream sundae. She will have a big one and I will love watching her enjoy every bite. It will be that way tomorrow when we are with Bella! Tomorrow we pick Bella up after swim team practice. She is leaving Thursday for Canada for a  swim meet I cannot attend because of the campaign.  It is one of those things I knew would happen so I need to learn to be okay with it and move on.

Julia Bleu is so happy I am home I missed her too, but she was home all alone, and that is really hard on her-she is very attached to me. I gave her some of my chicken salad I didn’t eat for lunch. She loved ever bite of it and wanted more. I will give her more a little bit later.

I will be getting up at the maniac’s hours to get my two posts out on anorexia. I am going to call it a day as the pain medication needs to start to work. My body needs a break from the  constant pain I have been living with since Thursday.

Have a great night I look forward to getting to post my next two blogs as it will give myself and my readers a new direction that we are going to head in quite soon.

Rock the haus and eat the cake with BAM!

Everything is going to work out for me and whatever

you might be going through yourself. I can tell you-you got this!



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