Trump Apologizes-Clinton Rare Brain Disorder? No I Didn’t Make It Up

Yes it happened yesterday. The Don apologized for some of his comments and actions that have hurt other people and caused them pain.

Reading from teleprompters for the second time in two days Trump didn’t specify who he was apologizing to but admitted he had caused personal pain to others and regretted it.

Clinton is on to this big time. She is aware of the about face Trump might be trying to pull off to get his campaign back on track.

Since the Don’s political campaign shakeup we have seen a more tempered and somewhat presidential Don; if that is really possible.

The GOP has all but given up on Trump and most Republicans want to focus on preserving the other seats at risk. The  GOP warned the Don to get himself together and stick to the economy and trade in the red states where Clinton until recently didn’t have a chance.

When it comes to ludicrous I can’t think of a bigger school yard bully than the Don. Now he goes after Clinton for not political differences but this time in terms of concerns about her health. Rumors have stemmed from the Don’s camp that Clinton is suffering from a rare brain disorder makes it hard for her to understand language and to speak.

I am not sure who the Don is referring to because I have recently heard Clinton speak and it was with great intensity and a well-driven home message. Clinton’s doctor who has been her personal doctor for many years says the piece of medical information the Don is claiming was not written by her or anyone else associated with Clinton’s medical health. The doctor reiterated the fact that Clinton was more than fit to be the president of the United States.

It appears it might be too little too late for the Don. His would be supporters are pulling away and others don’t believe his temperament even if he changes it for the short term of the election would be changed undoubtedly once he reached office.

On the issue of Clinton, her emails, and her FBI interview it has come to light that Clinton has stated that it was Colin Powell who told her to use her own email server after she was already doing so. There was a dinner when Clinton first became Secretary of State with Madeline Albright, Condoleezza Rice, and Colin Powell. One person suggested they go around the table and offer Clinton one piece of advice. Powell’s advice was to use her private email server for less  than highly classified emails.

Also noteworthy on the Clinton front is the headline stating Clinton’s aides show no proof of attending mandatory ethics training. Very little has been posted on this story so I believe they are trying to sort through the madness.

Politicos are worried about a Clinton presidency, which seems highly plausible due to the factor that she isn’t winning or going to win on the issues, she is going to win solely because the Don is unfit.

This leaves Clinton without clear mandates from the electorate as to what she needs to accomplish from voters perspectives. As it stands now with Clinton, she would have to start from ground zero to initiate a policy or program instead of doing that and laying the ground work out during the general election. This is not a good situation for Clinton or the country as we head into the new year.

This election is becoming not about Hilary becoming President but mainly of the Don not becoming President.



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