Predictability The Good and the Not So Good-Does Anyone Really Care?

Predictability is important when dealing with the grown up world and raising children to some extent.

I am both a predictable and an unpredictable person. I am predictable because very really will I be predictable and you can count on that.

I wake up everyday at different hours but then follow a fairly predicable regime of going to the store with my pug Julia Bleu and making our one of a kind same as every day cup of coffee. Predictable.

Then when I get home from the store I take my prescribed Adderall and drink my golden elixir. Every day except the time is predictable up into this point.

Depending whether I am in school which I am not right now I blog for two sites hopefully by 8am. My topics range from ongoing story lines like anorexia to off the wall stuff like today’s predictability.

I am predictable in that I devote between 4 and 6 hours of writing every morning during this semi-fluid time space and share the moment with my pug, Julia Bleu.

I write or I research the entire time I have set aside for blogging in this case. If I were in school it would be devoted solely to my biggest and hardest projects I had going on at school regardless of what other work I needed to complete for assignments due that day. Those sacred hours only exist between 12:30-6 am every day of the week and are when I am by far the most productive and most creative. My hyper-focused senses are crazy during this time.

At some point during this time, Julia Bleu catches my attention enough at least once to get me out of my chair and go feed and give her water. That is the only time I am not writing or researching. No I don’t read other blogs then, and I never do reading for school during that period. It is known as the maniac’s hours as I am a suffer of pure mania.

After 6 am everything is up for grabs. At least one blog needs to get posted before I move so that happens as rough as it can get. After the blog or blogs are posted I try to do crazy-assed cleaning up of my place, including no dishes left in sink, bed made, and no dirty clothes on the floor.

If I don’t have school I will walk the pug and come back to my second blog of the morning. Blogging and school haven’t happened together so there will be some cutting back-only getting one blog posted in the morning. Usually I need until 10 am to polish the second blog and maybe take a spin around Facebook.

With school I will be doing my crazy cleaning and then getting ready to take the bus to campus. If I have reading and a response to do I will get hyper-focused on the bus and try no matter how many pages to get them all read before the bus stops at school. I don’t generally take a class before 10 am so to the working library I head with all my gadgets and gizomos to settle down into course work mode. Usually this is writing and then responding to other people’s writing and involves research and is pretty dreadful honestly. I am guaranteed two days a week of that.

Now that I am not in school because of the Clinton campaign and my two semester commitment I work on the campaign loosely, blog more, Facebook it- really not make good use of my time until after lunch. If I am in school I attend classes pretty much all day as I set up class and non class days. This system really helps me although the class days can be killers.

Right now when I am not in school the Clinton campaign work fits around my priorities. After lunch if I am not in school is time to read blogs, answer comments, and blog one final post hopefully by 7 pm. I am doing a lot during that time the campaign, blogging, correspondence, reading, and a host of my ever lasting to-do list. If I am in school I get home around 4:30 pm and I immediately play with Julia Bleu. She gets my hands down attention. I realize she has had a long day at home. I feed her, walk her, take her to the store all before I grab my requisite yogurt and applesauce and Corey’s Chronicles start up. Yes this is my super amped up intense life. If I am in school I am going to be working on a programming assignment or project for commuter science. When I am not in school I read and research more, develop topics for tomorrow’s blogs and keep the ongoing story lines I have going alive and not forgotten.

I believe once I am back in school Corey’s Chronicles will be for both programming and a second blog I really need to write twice a day. Hasn’t happened yet so we shall see.

My fiancé Stephanie comes over every night and depending on the day and schedule I might have my Phenom, my daughter Bella as well over night. When Bella is here or I am with her anywhere she is top priority no matter what. I probably have missed one time with her because of the campaign and it was critical.

I am spontaneous so everything I just wrote can go flying out the window but my goals will get done regardless of time and logical thinking and behavior.



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