No Excess

If you know me personally you know I have struggled with having too much stuff.

No I am not a hoarder, I say defenselessly. I am a person who has a lot of living space and has over the past couple of years made it my mission to well fill it up!

A year ago January I decided to embark on life as a minimalist. I bought how to books, and over the course of a couple of months I rid my house of over 38 boxes and bags that I donated to goodwill, plus I gave away countless other pieces of furniture and electronics to friends and family.

It was a painful and arduous task. It took forever trying to narrow down a writing utensil collection that bordered close to 400 items at the start and I want and thought I needed them all. It was easier to get rid of multitudes of clothes, as I was at that point anorexic and had all my “bigger” clothes and jackets to get rid of…..the most painful part was watching the money aspect of ridding myself of excess go right out the window.

Starting with clothes and then moving to my hardcover book library, thousands of dollars were taken from my home because I simply couldn’t wear the clothes and well I had already read the books. The books were a curious disposal. They comforted me, and were trophies of all the books I had read along the way. However, I couldn’t start to clear out my place without dealing with my precious books. I kept only my very favorite, life-altering books. The one biggest problem I ran into was my cookbook collection. I made the mistake when I was still married to join a monthly cookbook club and had over a hundred of the best cookbooks from the best chefs to the best restaurants. As I think know I only really need one of my cookbooks: The Joy of Cooking by Julia Child. I have learned so much from my myriad of cookbooks that I probably could let them go and still do well in the kitchen.

So after the huge purge I felt a lightness of being and my house had more open space. Everything had a place, and I was far better organized. I said when I was done, that this effort needed to be repeated the following year, as I only had made a first pass of my things.

Well I didn’t do it this year, and on top of it my parents sold one of their big houses for a smaller one, and they were decluttering and ridding themselves of excess that wouldn’t fit in their new place. I am moving in a year, buying a big house on the ocean, and will need a lot more furniture. Not just any furniture but good, high-quality furniture. It was exactly what my parents had to give me as they down-sized so I now have a place with misc. furniture everywhere. It is utter chaos really. Then there were the fancy dishes and all the big, cool serving dishes I couldn’t pass on knowing I will have a place in a year to move all this into.

I have just decided along with Stephanie who is moving in once we get engaged, to rent a storage unit and have movers just put the stuff in storage for the next year, along with Stephanie’s things she won’t be bringing here.

Besides that I do after decluttering a year and a half ago feel weighed down by my things again.

Unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard of Project 333. If you haven’t I will give you a brief introduction. Project 333 was started by a girl who blogged about her excesses when it came to particularly clothing.

She set out to cut way back and formulated a plan to wear only 33 pieces of clothing (not including nightwear, or gym wear) for three months. Her goal was to get used to less so she picked 33 items of clothing for an entire 3 months, and stored away all her other clothing. The 33 items didn’t include outerwear, or jewelry like a wedding band that you don’t take off or is sentimental to you. She blogged about her experiment and it went viral.

Thousands of people set out to complete Project 333. Well I am pretty late arriving to this party, but I too am going to give Project 333 a chance. I aim to change out my seasonal clothes as fall is just about here, and only kept out 33 pieces of my clothing for three months.

It seems almost impossible to the person who had to buy an additional bureau just to house my jeans collection. I am however going to do it.

I plan on making the change over beginning next week, as well as changing my bedding for the fall/winter. I will keep you up to date and report back with pictures of my items I chose and why I kept what I did.

Between finally coming up with a viable solution to my furniture overload, and dish and kitchenware overflow, to Project 333 I pray I feel some space in this large house as right now it is tight and I feel like I can’t breath. I hope Project 333 works and I am able after three months to scale back indefinitely on my clothes.

This once tried minimalist has got again a serious decluttering project in front of them once again.

Time to watch the money fly out the window again. So very disheartening!



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