Maniacal Musings-Back To The Future

So about my future………

It is postponed but not without tiny small steps towards forward in some pretty important ways. In the next week or so right before my 40th birthday I will blog my 300th post since May!

This blogs are me. They are Corey. They started out as a scrap-heap but have morphed into something a little more easier on the eyes.

The posts themselves are just shear will and determination to get better and develop the amazing following I have. My writing from my first month’s posts filled with typo’s and grammar issues I have preserved when I had a mere 50 followers. I wrote for them every single day most of the time twice a day.

I opened up my heart, my family, my entire life, and my still ever-lasting labor of love, my on-going  anorexia story. To those readers a huge thank you. I am with you or perhaps you don’t have  a problem and are just curious and your rooting for me…..thank you truly.

So I will work hard on my blog and love my dog and my daughter and keep my goals that are staring at me alive and keep myself moving forward as I get my body healed from these skeletal injuries I have occurred over the last five weeks from a harrowing fateful fall off the porch.

I am so psyched about getting the generals done come this January.  MIT is coming just later and in the meanwhile a bunch of IVY League schools and schools in California want me! It feels so good to get the recruiting I am. I didn’t expect that to happen. I was set on MIT but if I can go to Stanford’s program I might opt for that. I don’t know if when I return to finish my generals for exams if I will need to go the Spring semester too. I would like to start at my final stop by August of next year.

I will be engaged probably not married but close. Bella will be getting ready to enter High School and we will be getting married and hoping for a baby all after 40!

My surgeries are coming up starting with my good knee the knee that just needs the scope. Should be happening in the next week and it will be a month recovery.

The second surgery is realigning my leg bones and is major surgery and major recovery. Then  I need my thumb fused.

I am planning on taking a late start programming course that starts in a few weeks and hopefully continue working on Clinton campaign but there is a mandatory meeting this weekend I can’t make and I don’t know what it means.

I am so jazzed about my computer class and getting engaged Columbus Day Weekend and moving in together November 1, 2016.

So much great stuff is happening and I want within the mayhem of the surgeries to really enjoy myself.

The election is going to happen on November 11, 2016 and I turn 40 years young on October 4, 2016.

.Lots of great stuff happening and  I feel like I am really ready for my life with Stephanie to get underway and also for school to start up full-time in January. I am ready to return to school full-time as a student/blogger. Figuring out my blogging with school is going to take some serious commitment on my part. Disciplined comes to mind but I am #AMPED for school and blogging.

The surgeries well yes they are happening. However, so much other great stuff is going on I am ready for it all, however it arrives.

Looking forward first to my 300th post on my blog. Thank you to my readers everywhere for making this a dream and bucket list item!

Really time for the Friday slide………



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