Maniacal Musings A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was Sunday and for Stephanie and I it was a beautiful day!

We couldn’t sleep together because Bella was here, but there is a lot more to us than I ever imagined.

We started the day with me getting up for the maniac’s hours and blogging and chatting until about 8 am. Then I went and quickly and quietly snuggled Stephanie before Bella got up. Those moments with Stephanie were pure bliss and very romantic. She is the most romantic person I know! She makes an ordinary moment special with her way. After staying not long enough, I came down stairs and got into bed with my daughter.

She was to get up and go for a run yesterday morning. She was sound asleep and I let her sleep until 9:00 am. She got right up and laced up her sneakers and off she went. Stephanie was up and busy in the kitchen making breakfast. She is so good like that. Stephanie fits in perfectly with our family. She is already part of  it!

She was busy making blueberry pancakes and vegetarian sausages. Bella came back starved and ready to eat the house. Stephanie underestimated Bella’s appetite but quickly made up for it. I just had my smoothie and Stephanie had pancakes.

Then it was time for Bella to do homework, Stephanie cleaned up, and I blogged and played on Facebook.

I took Bella out for lunch and that made her happy. My ex-wife picked her up for the afternoon and dinner. I was excited to hang with Stephanie!

Once Bella left I don’t know who suggested we go lay down but we did……big epic U-ME time! It was worth the wait! Stephanie is so demure outside the bedroom but very much not in the bedroom.

We got up and took showers and put on clean clothes. We were expecting Bella back at 7 pm so we had to eat dinner. Stephanie had Mississippi pot roast cooking in the crock pot. We sat down to eat and it was delicious. I only had a bite and then worked on a yogurt and applesauce. Stephanie was really happy and we talked more about our new bedroom and colors and ideas. We like the same style besides the industrial style of my now bedroom. I think this coming weekend we will go to Ethan Allen and look at bedroom furniture. This is going to be our bedroom set so it has got to be exactly what we want.

Bella came back at seven pm and needed to take a shower. She had been to the health club and swam and then they went visiting her friend’s family where she played volleyball.

Stephanie finished up the kitchen and I hugged her tight and gave her a kiss. She was so awesome with Bella and just went with the tide. Bella still had homework to do but convinced me she could do what she needed to do and watch TV so we all watched the episode of Braindead Bella was on. Soon it was time for bed and since I am sleeping in the guestroom that is where Bella is staying too. She sleeps wherever I sleep. She doesn’t want to sleep alone in her room. I went in there with her and laid down. I rubbed her back and gave her a kiss good night and she was soon fast asleep. Now came my favorite art of Sunday, getting ready for the week.

I went and pulled up my google calendar and looked at the first three days. Stephanie

was always amused by my planning and preparing for the week. To me it is essential to prepare for the week and get things in order and make notations where necessary.

I got out my banking folder, my knee folder, and my physical therapy folder as I needed to call all three in the morning. I also had a physical therapy appointment that I needed to got to.  I worked on some spreadsheets and got my bills out to be paid. I don’t use electronic banking. I know too many people in the industry who say not to. I pay my bills on the same Monday of the month, the second Monday. I hand write out all my checks put stamps on the envelops and mail them out on Tuesday.

I tweaked my calendar with new additions and I printed out the week to tape to my wall.

I wasn’t done but I could feel Stephanie’s eyes on me and we weren’t sleeping together because of Bella. I stopped  what I was doing and I went and cuddled with her. I would miss her tonight and this was going to have to do.

Stephanie out of the blue brought up our engagement. She had been thinking a lot about it and wanted it to be super simple and private and memorable. I told her I would keep all those things in mind but if I opted for a parade she would just have to go with it. I dared ask about the wedding which I never have. She mentioned she had lots of ideas wanted to plan some of it with me and  thought she would hire a wedding coordinator. That surprised me a bit as I had one for my first wedding and they fucked more up than they were good for honestly.

It was getting late so we decided to call it a night. I would be up in a few hours  and Stephanie needed her sleep. We kissed, and touched, and kissed some more and than we parted ways for the second of three nights.

I wasn’t worried about getting my things ready for the week as I would be up in a few hours to finish all my unfinished business. It had  been a beautiful day with nothing big or crazy. It is pretty great when you can make a beautiful day out of the ordinary………



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