Maniacal Musings Lots Happening I Am In a Hole

It has been busy and great having Bella here. We took her to school this morning and will have her again in a couple of days.

Today I got up at the maniac’s hours but didn’t not blog. I had some long overdue financials and bill paying to take care of for the month. I missed blogging but I am glad I took care of my finances. Seems as though I am hemorrhaging cash right now. Need to get a better look at it.

It has been three nights since Stephanie and I shared a bed with Bella being here. We have snuck our time and are both looking forward to the next couple of days. Stephanie adores Bella but she is very happy to be back in bed with me tonight. Unfortunately I won’t be home when Stephanie gets home. Bella’s first volleyball game is today and its away. Nobody can make it but I am going. My child is very grateful. My parents who had prior plans will get me to the game and I will ride back with friends who live down the street. My ex wife can’t make it because she is in Boston for the day. Bella is very happy that I am going and sent me a text from school saying see you at the game.

I got word yesterday my first and easiest surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday. I have pre-op at the hospital tomorrow.

I am psyched to get this ball rolling and get to recovery on that leg so my big surgery the realignment of my entire leg can be done. I need a month to recovery from this surgery.

I am all off whack without blogging this morning. It is almost one pm and the world has yet to hear from Corey! Not lots going on besides Bella’s life and my injuries. I have to make arrangements for Columbus Day weekend and people are already trying to set dates for my birthday in October. I can barely keep the days straight.

I talked the other day of being prepared for the week ahead on Sunday night, but I didn’t touch on getting physically or mentally prepared for your day everyday.  It is important as life gets more complicated to take time to prep for the upcoming day. I love calendars because I can see right in front of me what is coming up, if I have done a proper job maintaining my calendar. After today’s appointments and new appointments along with phone calls with appointments I have some calendar work to get done before I go anywhere today. I was aptly prepared for my unusual morning because I planned last night for it-right down to the clothes and exercising the dog more. I like being prepared and I like order. I am due to take a half day and re-organize my desk and its surroundings. It is a little out of control and that is when Corey doesn’t do so well. I can have mountains upon mountains of work and obligations but if it isn’t all planned I simply fall apart. I need the structure and although I don’t ever awaken to alarm clocks and try to space obligations out sometimes like right now I am right out straight for the next couple of days, and that is with hopes that nothing falls through the cracks.

I am trying to get this post wrapped-an amalgamation of bits and pieces of me today. I don’t feel on my game or pulled together and maybe I am projecting. Tonight I have to figure out when the study gets organized and I make all my appointments and obligations too. My calendar is in need of so much updating maybe I will start there this afternoon. With a proper calendar I can make anything work especially if it has a task list running down the side.

Very excited for the volleyball game, and spending time with Stephanie. I don’t have luxury of messing around any more. People aren’t going to like it but it is what I need to do. I haven’t even mentioned the school piece today that somehow has to work into this week for me to go to campus.

No worries I have buried myself deep before and I will dig out and stand on the mound of dirt I pile out of the hole. I got this and I hope you got your day too!



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