Radical Changes-Mania Madness Sets In

As most of you know I am severley  injured at this time.

Today all that starts to change one step at a time. I have my pre-op appointment at the hospital today for my first of three surgeries.

It is the most minor surgery on my left knee and will need only like one month recovery. I need to get  this done so they can start on the major surgery of my right leg.

Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, I will be the first case due to my fatal anesthesia reaction. They will do an epidural in my back instead.

This has been a trying time for me with two busted legs and a hand in a full arm cast.

I am forced to use a walker to get around and it is really dimming my shine.

I am ready for this first operation as I know the second one is as major as they get per my surgeon and has about a 9 month recovery. That coupled with my thumb that needs to be fused is going to be very trying, especially when the colder weather arrives.

There are lots of awesome changes on the home front. I am getting engaged Columbus Day weekend and Stephanie is moving in for November 1st, 2016. I just rented our storage unit so I can get my things in there and Stephanie can get moving on her things.

Last night Stephanie and I had our real first time alone in 4 days as I had Bella. We made dinner in and then snuggled in bed and watched Braindead. Then we got up and took a bubble bath. Her I idea, I am not much into baths that well this one was fun! I will take another bath with her!

We went to bed kind of late and had EPIC U-ME time that went on way too late for Stephanie. It was the perfect ending and beginning of our day,

I had my pre-op appointment this morning and it was more than I bargained for….my heart was weird so they did an EKG and one of my intervals is prolonged dangerously due to medication. Already I am high risk in OR for my anesthesia problem. Then they decided to do blood work unexpectedly. I haven’t heard anything back so I will just pray all is still on to get this first little surgery out of the way.

I went to Planet fitness today and got a black membership so I can bring guests for free. I am going to start working Bella out on  the machines for upper body strength and for her overhand volleyball serve. Yesterday was her first game and I was there thanks to my parents. She started varsity and played every minute. She has come so far in a year except nobody on the team besides the coach knows we sent her to two NIKE volleyball camps this summer.

I am all off schedule today and with surgery on Tuesday I have a lot to do to get ready. My surgery is first thing in the morning and I don’t plan on missing Bella’s volleyball game. She has a home one tomorrow as well I will be at.

I just want this surgery over so I can rehab and get to the major surgery. Only after that is healed will I know if I can run again. Oh how I pray…..

Today is Wednesday so that means Farmers Market day right by my house. I am talking my walker and backpack and going to get Stephanie and I Mediterranean food for dinner with fresh tomatoes. It is so good and we will make vodka tonics to go with it. It is sort of a date night, what was last night right? Lots of date nights you can’t have too many. We need to map out a plan to get everything done before Tuesday for all of next week.

I think we will watch a movie tonight or sit on the porch and have a second vodka tonic!  Must make the most of this great weather.

My hands are so sore from typing with a cast on and I need a new computer chair, a high back with lumbar support. I found and sat in the one I want at Staples. I am going to ask my ex wife to get it for me for my birthday. Only weeks away….will I be struck with new found enlightenment?

I hope so because my eating really stinks right now and I will lose weight having surgery. I know its weird but it is what happens.

I need to do better with my shakes for starters. Mania madness is starting up as fall is my worst season. I haven’t stopped today and I might just stay up all night. Not good some would say, welcome to the party says others.

I am stressing about all I have to do before surgery and I think it is the perfect time to go to Farmers Market and get some fresh air. I will definitely be back with an anorexic post later and Mania madness updates. The stuff I pull this time of year is obscene to the average/normal person. I just got to get some sleep so I don’t end up in the hospital. I have zero time for that in my life.

Peace Out!



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