Think Again

Today has been like the calm after the storm that blew in self-induced and I ushered it out with the help of Stephanie and her level headedness.

I was not in a good way yesterday on any level. From psychosomatic flu symptoms to a brain on fire, to my speech which was not okay, and finally my surgeon’s appointment  I have most definitely seen and experienced better days.

Last night Stephanie noticed that I was calmer and we went with it and sort of didn’t talk about it.

We watched the debate and went to bed around 11 pm and I got up around 1:15am. I felt calm and my brain was not on fire like it had been.

I went to the store and limped over to get my coffee and took it with my Adderall. Unlike all other mornings, I didn’t blog, I was too busy fending off attacks about the debate and setting people straight.

I won’t do it again but it needed to be done. I posted a couple of posts on my blog SCATTERED this morning and didn’t get around to this, my baby, until early afternoon. I posted an off the cuff piece on being a transgender ally and I went to work on this post to give an update an my sort of maniacal musing.

I still haven’t heard back from John Hopkins so I presume I will be here on Thursday to go to my primary care appointment and my first day of physical therapy.

What a difference a day and perspective make. It is only one week today until my fortieth birthday and I will see the foot surgeon on the same day.

Not very much time honestly and with starting physical therapy on Thursday I feel better about things.

Mostly my head is better. I still have fire in my brain but not anywhere to the extent I had it and my speech is a lot better although I will still see a speech pathologist. Stephanie, God love her, was the one who really recognized the change and I fed off of it as positively as I could. After sleeping a bit last night, I was even happier that sleep hasn’t eluded me through all of this.

I had a quick morning and didn’t start blogging until after 6 am. I finished my first post and then had another one on transgender and cis-gender people that will be published somewhere else that I posted to SCATTERED first. I just got made an editor of a very popular transgender page yesterday so I now have yet a new commitment.

I am very happy and honored that as an ally I was picked to write and publish for this.

Today has been a day of a sort of lightness of being and I have enjoyed every moment of this day that has totally gotten away from me.

My parents are picking me up in 25 minutes for Bella’s home volleyball game at her school. I did get some other things done and took an important phone call for the Clinton campaign so all feels good there. I of course watched every second of the debate and will refrain from my commentary but I am very pleased with the way things turned out.

I will be back around 6 pm and will try to get out my next anorexia post and finish up my second piece for the transgender page.

I am so grateful that my mind and body have quelled and I didn’t end up in the hospital. I owe it all to my girl Stephanie.

I hope everyone is having a an #AMPED up afternoon and PEACE OUT!



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