Maniacal Musings: A New Dawn

Today I awoke at 1:30 am and got my coffee to make the golden elixir.

I started in on another transgender piece for my none blogging writing commitment. I knew the new dawn would fast approach and now it is here. I got most of a piece written in the maniac’s hours and I feel pretty good about that!

My ex-wife called early this morning to tell me that Bella wanted to go see Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders speak at the University of New Hampshire this afternoon. She told me to pull my strings so Bella could definitely get in. Not so easy a task hours before the event.

I am a bit nervous about attending the event as I don’t want to disappoint my daughter. My new dawn and all of its serenity sort of went out the window with that phone call.

I am excited and enjoying my writing for the transgender community. It is different and new and my audience, mostly transgender people, is a complicated audience for me.

I am happy that my daughter wants to go see Hillary and Bernie together. She surprised she surprised me by  staying  up and watching  the entire debate Monday night. . I think that is a lot of a thirteen old at best. She just won her fourth year as class president and I think it has given Bella thoughts of beginner political aspirations thanks to Hillary Clinton.

I hope my daughter does believe she can be president of the United States and continues to be involved in politics for the rest of her life.

My new dawn brought new thoughts of me and my health as well. As the sun was rising I thought less than a week from now I will have had my foot examined by the surgeon and I could be scheduled for another operation very soon. The time is going fast and I  have my first physical therapy appointment on Thursday after my primary care appointment.

I am going to head over to the Clinton campaign at 9 am and see what I can do to get us into this Hillary event today. I was lucky I responded on email and said I was going so that should help except the doors open at 12 and we are not leaving until

I am going to remain upbeat and see what I can do with Bella getting out of school early and all. Hopefully that will help I don’t know, but I know there will be a lot of college kids there to see Bernie.

I can’t worry about it as it is what it is and I don’t think we will have a problem getting in.

I am going to post an anorexia piece today and also post to my new blog SCATTERED.


I went to the campaign office and everyone I know is that the Clinton-Sanders event. I emailed the person I stay in touch with and appraised her of the situation.

I can only do what I can do. I will make the most of it and hope for the best! My email was good and if the person reads it or I can find her there I know we have a shot of getting in.

I am feeling pretty good today, and my fire in my brain and the excess energy in my body didn’t really begin to act up until the dawn appeared. There was something about the new day’s light that set me off a bit, and I am more worked up than I have been in the last 36 hours.

Last night Stephanie thought I was almost back to normal but only I know what normal feels like and I knew I wasn’t back to normal. I love my family so much! After Bella’s volleyball game yesterday my parents, Stephanie, my ex-wife and Bella and I all went to our new favorite restaurant for dinner. We had a good time and the food was excellent and now Bella doesn’t have a game until next Thursday.  It was all unplanned which made it even better.

Today I feel like the fire in my head is going a bit out of control and I don’t want Bella to notice anything is up. I will do my best and take my Adderall right before we pick her up.

Stephanie and my ex-wife can’t go because of work but Bella and I the two die-hards will be there. I saw Clinton and Sanders in New Hampshire at the event where he first publicly endorsed her and asked his voters to vote for Hillary. It was a great event and one I am glad I didn’t miss. I hope this one which is on affordable colleges is a good one too and that the Bernie supporters are going to be voting for Hillary.

I lastly want to say I am less than a week from turning forty. This is a huge deal and one that I can’t overlook. My family and friends will not let me overlook it that is for sure. I need to post on what turning forty means and means to me. I am excited about this new decade and I will be looking for any signs of epiphanies or other such breakout moments.



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