Maniacal Musings October 11th, 2016 Can Angels Be Refuted As Told?

It appears the topic of Angels more than God has been refuted on my blogs much to my joy!

I am not joyous that something I am just learned about is being refuted but that my blog has spurn readers to find their voices, offering more depth and detail into the Divine world of Angels and that a whole entire other faction of readers has refuted the existence of Angels and those especially of Warrior Angels.

It seem the closer you speak about mortals and the Divine the more greater the resistance to the idea or thought. My whole paradigm of Angels comes from a single person, as my entire source. I have been extremely negligent in my due-diligence to speak of something so immense and grand as Angels without first educating myself properly.

The bits I pick up from a friend were quite worthy or else I wouldn’t have spoken to the Angels as part of the Divine paradigm. I failed however to follow up with solid research and my own firsthand knowledge that I have sorted out thoroughly and believe to be true.

My fault started with the introduction of Angels into my world by a friend who seems to be well-versed in the paradigm of Angels. I have never written based on another’s account of anything that I have written for my readers, so until I can follow up with cursory research today and delve deeply into the world of Warrior and Royal Angels as I have blindly written about, I must ask you the reader to be patient: to allow me the time to do my research I should have done at the beginning of the incredulous revelation of Angels in my world to the point that it was conceived I was too was a Royal Angel, and I did not share that as such I shared with my readers I was a Warrior Angel as I had been so kindly told by my friend. Later after I did not fight or proved to my friend otherwise it was decided I was a Royal Angel and not a Warrior Angel.

The concepts are all new to me and the wonderment of the possibilities of Angels was so fascinating to my Divine schematic that completely left out the embodiment of all Angels.

I am as I stated a believer in a God greater than this Universe and I have left it as such with the knowledge that by accepting a higher power in the Divine such as God, I was at the same moment giving credence to the acceptance of the darkness in the world of the opposite of God in the form of evil of some sort represented as the Devil to keep things neat and tidy.

The addition of Angels is a huge metamorphosis from good versus bad; God versus the Devil. It is one I have haven’t pondered carefully enough and thanks to my readers my next post on the City of Angels will be researched focused and thought through to determine my own comfort zone or perhaps discomfort zone of the Divine versus evil and God against the Devil. It is stretching me already so this will be a blogger refuted for sure! On to research of the Divine and perhaps not sacred at all.



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