On The Meaning of Divine and More

When I started this blog I started speaking of the Divine a lot. A friend and fellow reader asked me what I meant by Divine?

Divine simply means, ” coming from God, or God-like entities.” I mean Divine to mean Godly or of Divine Inspiration of that I mean of Godly inspiration or inspired by God or the Holy Trinity. I mean the Holy Trinity to include that of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I know a lot of people believing in the Divine might not believe in the concept of the Holy Spirit, but it is alive and well in my small world with grand ideas and thoughts.

I am always happy to get asked a question or for further clarification. I realize I might not always be clear or my writing may fall short of clarity. Anytime I can further clarify something I am happy and receive the inquiry as a gift of sorts. The type of gift where I am allowed to expound on thoughts or ideas, or in this case just a simple question to a very powerful and important word I use regularly in my writing.

I could say that such a question is of Divine Inspiration. Literally meaning, inspired by God or God’s Holy Trinity.

I think there are more words when we speak of our spirituality that need clarification than almost any other topic.

As I continue to read the Holy Bible and it its stories of a God, I might believe or not, I am memorized by the details in the writings of the scriptures.

Someone or some people went to great lengths to recant these stories and bring together all of Christianity under this divided book of The Testament and the New Testament. I have learned calling the first part of the Bible the old Testament is a slanderous statement to the Jewish faith.

I mean what does God mean to me? Can I even begin to answer that question? From what perspective do I think about my personal response? Everything else I say will be predicated on it.

For me personally as Christian-Buddhist with very limited Biblical knowledge the word God stands for a non-gendered deity I subscribe to as a form of the highest power in the Universe with attachments to the Holy Trinity rather loosely as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I don’t project any physical description other than a power greater and perfect compared to all other powers in the Universe combined.

My God is not very well conjured up beyond the necessary: My God is the Greatest single and Perfect Power in our Universe and beyond. It is the notion of perfection of my God that is significant because one of the great thinkers said that only through God’s perfection could we know there is a perfect being when nothing else in this world is close to perfect in any way. The notion of imperfect and evil comes through the darkness to me as the Devil. The Devil is not at all on the same level as my God, but serves in darkness to create evil and sin for us humans to take the bait and fall victims as the Christians some of us are to fall down at the feet of my God, in desecration of Gods will and God’s ways of living and conducting ourselves as human beings.

When I speak of my God, I mean to speak of the Greatest entity ever in our Universe and beyond that is filled with love and compassion and most of all forgiveness if we as Christians are truly sorry for our wrong doings.

I jumped ahead in the Bible and read the 10 commandments. I believe they are valuable to all of humanity and mankind. I know of many people who are not of Christian or Jewish faith who basically are good people and if I look closely they live whether intentionally or not by the sanctity of the 10 commandments.

I will write more as I read further in the Bible but I wanted to touch on the Divine which I see and feel everyday thankfully for my Buddhist beliefs in the ordinary living that is truly Divine and the sanctity afforded us as believers in the everyday living of a common life.

I haven’t been able to find out much about angels and their place in our world and I don’t think the Bible will give me the answers to the angels questions I hold.

I will have to turn to another source to expound the nature of angels in our world and the Universe with God and the Holy Trinity as I believe it to be. My City of angels writing is coming and I will not wait to finish the Bible to get into the necessary research I need to conduct to come up with a possible schematic of the angels and a hierarchy that might exist.

Wishing you the sacred in the ordinary everyday  no matter your beliefs. It is there and it is of comfort in these very trying times for our country and the world at this time.



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