Maniacal Musings: Saturday Maniac Madness and Headed to Little Havana

I am now with Bella and I am finally happy! We are heading to see the manatees with my mother. I am excited as I have never seen a manatee before in person. It isn’t guaranteed that we will see any-where they are located is where they go when it is cold and it hasn’t been that cold really here since we arrived here.

I am not feeling well today and I hope the Mania Madness passes and my heart with the medication that we are going to pick up makes me feel better.

My ex-wife and my mother just took off in the golf cart to go see a new deck that this guy made from all the debris from the hurricane that hit here.

I am really struggling and hope I can stay out of the hospital while I am down here. It wouldn’t go over well with my parents and I would not feel safe in a Florida hospital.

I don’t know why the Mania Madness is so bad or what has changed to make it worse. I am going to hopefully get my medication soon and my heart will feel better at lest. I am struggling with my heart beat  and hopefully the medication will help it and slow it down.

Bella is so cute and excited to go see the  manatees and get going to the airport to head home. The trip is long and they won’t get in until tonight after 11 pm. At least they have tomorrow to regroup and get settled for the week.

My fire in my head is burning at a rapid like pace this morning and has been since I first awoke at 3 am this morning. I took some medication and it helped me sleep until 7:20 pm.

I am hoping that if I don’t feel well Stephanie and I can go the hospital in Miami. That way my parents don’t have to know about it and I would never let them admit me whatsoever.

I am trying to push through this and really hope with my heart medication I have been missing that getting that back into my system will quell the racing heart. I haven’t had a racing heart since before I went on the medicine.

I am going to go after the manatees and pick up my heart medication and I am trying to stay calm and stay focused on Bella and my last bit of time with her. She is over the moon excited about the manatees so I hope they are there for her.

I am going to take a walk on the beach after the manatees with Stephanie and look for sea beans. I am going to hopefully find one more for Stephanie as I gave my second and last one to my sister. I am going to really look hard as I haven’t been

We are headed to little Haven! Did Cuban here at lunch after my ex-wife and Bella left for the airport.

Heading to Miami now and hope to get in on the celebration.

We will be back on Tuesday and my parents will drive  us to the airport to spend the night at a hotel at the Orlando airport because of flight leaves so early in the morning.

No luck sea beaning but did find some other interesting things. Just really want to find a hamburger for Stephanie.

We have rented a convertible and should be arriving in less than an hour.

We are both tired and hope to get some good sleep tonight my parents guest bed is a nightmare. It is time to come home and get life back on track. I don’t want to leave the ocean or the sun or vacation with Stephanie and this time in Miami will be like are only time together without anyone else as Bella has been so sweet and followed me everywhere.

I hope tonight is fun and safe and I pray our hotel has a comfortable bed.

So much for worrying about Mania Madness as my mother told me I was in no shape to drive the golf cart today! Hmmm I guess my secret isn’t a secret after all.

I am looking forward to returning home and getting my pug, Julia Bleu. Today makes a week at the kennel and I think she is probably maxed out like I am. I can only take my beautiful parents for so long.

I will try to get pictures tonight although my phone doesn’t take the best pictures. WE need  a good one of Stephanie and I…..time to show her off to the Facebook world. The most important thing to know about Stephanie is that she is my very best friend and her love for me is crazy as is my for her. She and I make the best couple and she is achingly beautiful and brilliant to boot.

Okay, Stephanie needs help with navigation so I will end here and write soon. We are headed for our hotel first before anything and need to take showers and get dressed.

With Much Peace On this Historic Day,



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