Do You Believe in Intellectual Majik?

I come from a long lineage of debaters of almost anything worthwhile and  playful; summoning as thd404cbe230168eb471437f5c65555914ought-provoking discourse. I grew up in a family where my first word was why? and so it will also be my last word as well.

I question most things worthwhile in a  discourse of discussion but not discord. Many people are uncomfortable with discourse and are not used to having their perspectives  or views challenged in the gentlest ways to provoke further thought and hopefully progression of a given topic.

This is a short rant on those people who can not tolerate being challenged in their thoughts because they play a zero-sum game of conversation where they assume they are right, and well in my world, nobody is right and all conversations and most important topics lend and bend to further  discussion with the hopes of a grandeur understanding of a subject, where perhaps more questions than answers are discerned.

I had the unsavory experience of a person who I thought was secure in their intellect, only to find out in the most unpleasant manner that this was not the case and offense was taken and walls built to exclude further debate or discussion over something I reveled in the idea of growing my trite and uneducated thoughts at the experience that unbridled discourse on the subject matter would have  expounded.

Why is  it we live in a society where everyone has to be right, that notions are set in stone and ideas are no longer fluid like water filling an empty space taking on new shape and form with each further discussion that transpires?

I can not for the life of me identify with people so caught up in being “right” in their minds that they leave no room for growth or expansion or even descent of their original views. I thrive when I meet a person who makes me think, makes me question, pushes me forward to go back and think further, perhaps differently, and contemplate a new semi-permanent answer or better yet further questions than I never originally asked.

I don’t live to be right: I live to think, to be spurred on by novel thoughts and new ideas, my mediocre brain has yet to think or ponder.

This is what I mourn today: the future discourse that was capable of pushing my brain to new levels of thought and processes has been decimated. All because of an ego too great for the challenges that might lay ahead, I am denied the opportunity with this fine person to grow my mind and my thoughts.

Here’s looking to making better judgements about people and their securities with themselves and their insecurities with knowing they really no nothing and discourse is just a means of bringing some slight closure to answers without questions and questions without answers.

You know who you are-our discussions will be sorely missed.







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